Sofikitis Emmanouil

Sofikitis Emmanuil
  • Senior Researcher

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Emmanouil Sofikitis is a doctoral candidate at the Department of Management Science and Technology (DMST) in the Athens University of Business and Economics. His doctoral thesis focuses on the foreign operation modes of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises. His research interests include international business, strategy and entrepreneurship. Prior to pursuing his Phd, Sofikitis obtained a Master in Business Administration (MBA) Degree from the Athens University of Business and Economics (AUEB). He also holds a Bsc in Management Studies from the same university. Sofikitis is fluent in English and has a good command of Italian.

His research work entitled “Predictors of Career Preferences of MNC Knowledge Professionals” is published in the ABS listed journal, Personnel Review. This study was conducted in collaboration with D. Manolopoulos and P. Dimitratos. Sofikitis has also co-written and presented several research papers in refereed international business conferences, such as the European International Business Academy conference and the Academy of International Business conference. Further, he co-wrote a study for the “European Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC)” regarding the European FDI flows towards LAC between 2000 and 2010 as well as book chapters that cover the fields of exporting and born global firms.

His previous work experience lies in the field of consultancy services for established Greek firms as well as the E.U operational program, Digital Convergence. Further, he is an instructor in the Youth Entrepreneurship School (Y.E.S) Program that is annually held in the AUEB.



Manolopoulos D., Dimitratos P. & Sofikitis E., 2011, Predictors of career preferences of MNC knowledge professionals”, Personnel Review, 40 (4), pp. 466 – 484. (ABS 2)

Refereed Conferences

Manolopoulos D., Sapouna P., Dimitratos P., & Sofikitis E., 2012, “Global staffing practices for knowledge professionals: Key drivers for the selection of international assignees”, 38th European International Business Academy Annual Conference, Brighton, UK

Sofikitis E., 2012, “The decision to export during the economic recession: Managerial perceptions of home country characteristics and the effect of organizational factors”, 9th Student Conference in Management Science and Technology, Athens

Merkou A. & Sofikitis E., 2012, “Foreign Operation Modes and International Performance during the Greek Economic Crisis: The Impact of the External Environment”, 9th Student Conference in Management Science and Technology, Athens

Sofikitis E., Manolopoulos D., Parashos L., Chouliara L. & Pouliezou A., 2011, “Export propensity: The impact of domestic country factors and organizational determinants during the economic recession”, 37th European International Business Academy Annual Conference, Bucharest, Romania.

Sapouna P., Sofikitis E., Manolopoulos D., 2011, “Environmental considerations of subsidiaries' corporate strategy: the impact of the organizational context”, 37th European International Business Academy Annual Conference, Bucharest, Romania

Sofikitis E., 2011, “International Entry Modes: A Multi-theoretical Approach and Empirical Investigation”, 38th Academy of International Business Conference, Edinburgh, UK

Sofikitis E., Manolopoulos D. & Dimitratos P., 2010, “Career choices of MNC knowledge professionals: Single versus hybrid path”, 36th European International Business Academy Annual Conference, Porto, Portugal

Sofikitis E., 2010, «Strategic Decision Making Processes: Antecedents and Outcomes, 7th Student Conference in Management Science and Technology, Athens

Sofikitis E., Manolopoulos D., (2012), “Export Propensity During the Period of Economic Recession: The Impact of Home-Country Factors and Firm-Level Characteristics” in Tulder R. V., Verbeke A., Voinea L., (Eds.) Progress in International Business Research: New Policy Challenges for European Multinationals, Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp.367-392

Research Projects/Consulting

Consultant for “Planet S.A”

Management and strategy on-line business game development (project “Digital Service AUEB”)

Development of educational material for a university textbook in the field of “Born Global Firms” (Unit of Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Athens University of Economics and Business)

3/2010- 3/2011
Expenditure forecast for the “E.U. Operational Program: Digital Convergence”

10/2009 – 1/2010
Development of a financial investment model for wind parks for “Themeli S.A”

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