Papagiannakis Giorgos

Papagiannakis Giorgos
  • Senior Researcher

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Giorgos Papagiannakis holds a PhD from Athens University of Economics and Business (Department of Management Science and Technology). In his thesis, he examined the antecedents and outcomes of corporate environmental strategy development. He also holds a bachelor in business administration (University of Piraeus) and a master in finance (Strathclyde University). His research is focused in the areas of environmental management, corporate social responsibility, business ethics, corporate entrepreneurship and innovation. His work has been published in peer-reviewed journals and scientific conferences (e.g. Journal of Environmental Management, Academy of Management Annual Meeting, European Academy of Management conference, GRONEN research conference).

He has participated in national and European research projects and collaborated as a consultant or researcher with organizations such as the Foundation of Economic and Industrial Research, and the Hellenic Organization of Small and Medium Enterprises and Handicraft. He has also worked in the managing authority of the operational program “Information Society”.

Research interests

Environmental management, corporate social responsibility, corporate sustainability, Business Ethics, Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation.



Papagiannakis, G., Lioukas, S., 2012. "Values, attitudes and perceptions of managers as predictors of corporate environmental responsiveness", Journal of Environmental Management, 100:41-51

Refereed Conferences

Papagiannakis, G., & Voudouris, I. "Environmental management practices and environmental innovations: Examining the role of "green" absorptive capacity and stakeholder integration capabilities", GRONEN research conference, 2012, Saint Maximin la Sainte Baume, France

Baltzoglou, E., & Papagiannakis, G. "An investigation into the direct and complementary effects of CSR and corporate governance on firms' financial performance", 9th Student Conference of Management Science and Technology, 10-11 May 2012, Athens, Greece

Kostopoulos, K., Sirigos, A., & Papagiannakis G. "Corporate Sustainability and Financial Performance: Complementarity and Time Related Effects, Annual Academy of Management Conference, 2012, Boston, Massachusetts.

Konstantinidou M., & Papagiannakis, G. "Factors influencing consumer intention to buy products and services from companies engaged in socially responsible activities", 8th Student Conference of Management Science and Technology, 2011., Athens, Greece

Pavlou, C., Svarna, I., & Papagiannakis, G. "An examination into the corporate environmental disclosure of Greek companies", 7th Student Conference of Management Science and Technology, 2010, Athens, Greece

Papagiannakis, G., & Voudouris, I., "Evolving environmental responsiveness. A longitudinal study of corporate environmental strategy", Annual Academy of Management Conference, 2009, Chicago, Illinois

Papagiannakis, G. "What drives companies go green? Applying Ajzen’s theory of planned behavior", 6th Student Conference of Management Science and Technology, 2009, Athens, Greece

Papagiannakis, G., Gkinos, S., & Voudouris, I., "Antecedents of and outcomes from proactive environmental strategies. Is there a dependency? Evidences from Greek firms, European Academy of Management", EURAM, 2008, Ljubljana and Bled, Slovenia

Papagiannakis, G., "Environmental strategy: Antecedents, applications and outcomes, 4th Student Conference of Management Science and Technology, 2007, Athens, Greece

Giabouras, E., & Papagiannakis, G., "The industry of information technology and communications (ITC) in Greece: Factors of delay, comparison with the international competition, hopes for improvement, Technical Chamber of Greece", 3rd Conference: “Greek Industry: Towards an Economy of Knowledge”, 2006, Athens, Greece

Research Projects/Consulting

"Education of Engineers in special skills in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)", Operational program "Information Society", Technical Chamber of Greece.

"Applications of New Methods of Work in Cultural Differentiated Teams: Intelligent Adaptation of Enterprises and Improvement of Skills of Women Immigrants". European Social Fund

"Move: The changing geography of production in labour intensive industries". Sixth EU Framework Programme.

"Encouragement of Entrepreneurial Actions, Innovative Applications and Elective Courses" (Project extension). EPEAEK II, 3rd EU Support Framework, RC-AUEB

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