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Spyros Lioukas is professor of business strategy at the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB). He is graduate in engineering from NTU and holds a PhD from the London Business School. Formerly he was in the teaching faculty of the London Business School (1978-1981).

Currently he is teaching strategy and ethics & corporate governance in the International MBA, the Athens MBA, and the MSc in Public Policy & Management at AUEB. He is directing the MSc in “Public Policy & Management” and the “Laboratory of Strategy and Entrepreneurship”. He is responsible for the innovation & entrepreneurship unit at the AUEB. In the past he has served as Chairman of two departments at AUEB.

Professor Lioukas has published several papers in leading academic journals and his research has received international recognition. Two of his papers in the Strategic Management Journal are widely quoted in the field, with citations more than 500 and 200 respectively. Currently he is directing research in the areas of strategy and innovation, entrepreneurship, corporate responsibility and governance.

He has served as Ambassador of Greece in the OECD for five years (1996-2001). He has been advisor in public organizations and has served in several committees in Greece, EE and the IEA and the OECD. Also he has extensive experience as management consultant, for private and public sector organizations.

Currently he serves as independent non-executive director in the Board of Directors of two companies and is involved in new enterprise start ups.

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