The Laboratory's objectives as expressed in the statute are:

(1) The promotion of research on strategy and policy, governance, entrepreneurship and innovation,
(2) The coverage of the need to develop educational material and methods for relevant curricula,
(3) The promotion and application of knowledge and practical tools towards business, organizations, and policy makers,
(4) The creation of a suitable environment for the further development of research capabilities of the faculty and doctoral students of the Department, in topics related to the interests of the laboratory

The Laboratory organizes and synthesizes the efforts of faculty, researchers and partners to build partnerships and increase the effect through synergies. More specifically, the operation is expected to:

(1) significantly upgrade both the research and the educational work being done at the Department of Management Science and Technology, and the University, in the relevant subject areas,
(2) increase synergy between faculty members and researchers and to produce published work,
(3) increase international presence and recognition of the group of researchers of the Laboratory in the international scientific community,
(4) to make better use of domestic and international collaborations
(5) to enhance the dissemination of expertise of the researchers and its contribution to practice through studies and consultancy activities,
(6) to facilitate the attraction of resources needed for research.