Research Fields

The Laboratory of Strategy and Entrepreneurship (ESTE) conducts research and developes practical applications in the areas of strategy and policy, entrepreneurship, governance and regulatory policies. It covers a variety of topics, ranging from the formation of strategy and policy to their subsequent implementation. Furthermore it covers topics related to innovation and organizational transformation, as well as to the cycle of entrepreneural growth from initial conception to the establishment and operation of a new venture.

The research conducted by the members of the Laboratory extends beyond private sector organizations to include also public sector and non-profit organizations, with an emphasis on the role of innovation and internationalization. It adopts a multidisciplinary and integrative approach, thus allowing for the fruitful co-existance and cooperation of scientists from diverse academic backgrounds.

In addition to its theoretical (conceptual) and empirical research, the Laboratory develops practical cases reflecting real-life practices. Topics such as strategy, entrepreneurship, governmental policies, the regulatory framework of governance, play a significant role in the effectiveness and competitiveness of companies, organizations and ultimately of countries. The public debate on such issues as competitiveness, reforms and the creation of appropriate conditions for sustainable growth, has intensified. The particularities of the Greek business and governmental environment make the search of appropriate strategies, policies and ways of intervention and guidance, imperative. In this search, the Laboratory aspires to contribute.